Hand Wash Soap

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  • Pack Size: Small

Clean hand

[ A safe hand wash ]


Clean hand safe Hand Wash, is an ecological pH-neutral hand soap.

Clean hand safe Hand Wash has a mild action and is thus suitable for frequent use.

Clean hand safe Hand Wash lightly perfumed and leaves your hands with a pleasant fresh scent.

Clean hand safe Hand Wash, is free from chlorine compounds, other halogen compounds, and petroleum-based detergents.


All ingredients of Clean hand safe Hand Wash, are fully biodegradable.


Moisten your hands and then apply a single dose of soap. Scrub your hands thoroughly with water. A lukewarm water always gives a better result. Rinse your hands and dry them completely.

UPVC Cleaners

Product Details:
  • Packaging Type: Bottle


RESHINE is a specially formulated formula for cleaning and restoring the UPVC windows and profiles. The powerful cleanning action removes ingrained dirt without spoiling the surface.

Being water based RESHINE is easy and safe to use.

RESHINE is suitable to be used on UPVC surfaces such as windows, doors, cladding, fascias, guttering, conservatories and green house frames.

RESHINE is a blend of petroleum distillates, surfactants, and fillers.

RESHINE is a off-white viscous liquid with a low inoffensive odour.

Method of Using:

Remove the superflous dirt from the surface by a wet cloth or spong before applying RESHINE.

Shake the container well. Pour RESHINE onto a dampened cloth or sponge and apply it on the surface. Apply on one section at a time then buff off with a dry cloth. The dirt and surface staining caused by natural weathering will be removed. Avoid using under direct sunlight as this may dry the product before buffing.

Hand Sanitizer

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  • Usage: Personal




CRYSTAL is highly effective in removing the germs and dirt from the hands.This specially formulated sanitizer is a self-drying one that cleanses as well as moisturizes the hands, leaving a long-lasting fragrance behind.


Features and Benefits:



Removes dirt and bad odour

Long-lasting fragrance

Additional Information:
  • Item Code: CRYSTAL

Chlorinated Dish Washing Detergent

Product Details:
  • Pack Type: Bucket


Chlorinated dish washing detergent


Perfect is a highly concentrqted chlorinated liquid detergent exclusively formulated for automatic machine washing of cutlery, dishes , glasses, pots and pans. This heavy duty alkaline special formulation removes food particles and all kinds of stains formed by the food and leaves a clean shine.

Using procedure:

Perfect is dispensed directly from the container into the machine.


Best results are achieved with the water temperature between 60 – 70 deg C.

Physical data :

Appearance - Clear liquid

Colour - Pale yellow

Foam - None

Odour - Mild chlorine

pH - 13 - 14


Precaution: perfect should not be mixed with acid products. It should not be used for manual cleaning.

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