Aluminium Cleaners

Aluminium Cleaner

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  • Brand: ALUCLEAN
  • Packaging Type: Can
  • Quantity Per Pack: 210 LTS

In Aluminium Cleaner, it is coated with concrete and other impurities. The forms are also exposed to water while in use. In between usage it is exposed to air. Thus the Forms have to be cleaned before each use.


Aluminium Cleaner is specially formulated to clean the aluminium in these conditions.

The aluminium Forms, are immersed in the Aluminium Cleaner bath solution. The dip duration depends upon the amount of concrete dried on the surface and the amount of oxidataion formed. The normal time taken will be between 15 to 20 minutes. Rinse the cleaned components thoroughly. The components are air dried.


Etching Aluminium

Product Details:
  • Features: Acid Resistant
  • State of Matter: Liquid

Guardclean- AL

Etching is a process for revealing the structure of the material. The common etching techniques include:

  • Chemical, Electrolytic, Thermal, Plasma, Molten salt, Magnetic

The two most common techniques are chemical and electrochemical etching. Chemical etching is typically a combination of either an acid or base with an oxidizing or reducing agent in a solute. Guardclean AL is one such product which does chemical etching.


Guardclean-AL is a specially compounded formulation for use on most of aluminum alloys. When used as recommended, it will produce smoothly etched surfaces, free from pits or other evidence of irregular etching actions.Itis based on acids and works at room temperature.


Guardclean-AL etches the surface in seconds and hence care should be taken to remove the pieces on time. 


Usage Instructions:The tanks to hold on the etchant should either be made of ms and lined with FRP or of a good quality plastic. Fill the tank half with water. Then add Guardclean AL to the tank at 1/10th of the working volume. {If the working volume of the tank is 100 litres then add 10 litres of Guardclean AL}. Mix the bath. Add water to make it to the working volume. Then stir well to make the bath homogenous.


All the parts that are to me etched must be chemically cleaned to insure the best results out of the etchant. Normally the etching will be done within 30 seconds. It is for the user department to arrive at the exact time required to etch their components. Immediately after etching the parts should be rinsed in water thoroughly.


Disposal: Use and dispose of product, container, residue etc in accordance with all local laws and regulations.

ALUPHOS is a single shot cleaner to clean and surface preparation for aluminum. Can also be brushed. Good for cleaning large areas like bus body, control panels etc., 

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  • Item Code: GU-AL
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